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ShadowsPub: Author and Publisher

profile pic of @ShadowsPub from Twitter

@ShadowsPub logo from Twitter profile

@ShadowsPub is an author and publisher who creates “High quality books you can use. They currently include Coloring Books, Journals and Sketchbooks.”

On this episode of the Walk Talk Challenge, Shadows shares how she developed her creative process for journals, coloring books, and other low content books. Her books can be found on Amazon as well as her website.

She is also a prolific content creator and community builder on the blockchain. Her username @shadowspub can be found on both web2 and web3.

Visit www.shadowspublishing.com to connect with Shadows, buy a book or two, and stay up to date with her latest creative works.


Ruth L. Snyder: Author and Book Coach

photo of Ruth L. Snyder

photo from www.RuthLSnyder.com website

Ruth L. Snyder is an Author, Book Coach, and International Speaker who works with entrepreneurs to get their books written, published, and read.  She is also the host of “HOW TO BUILD GLOBAL COMMUNITIES IN 2022” on Twitter Spaces.

On this episode of the Walk Talk Challenge, Ruth shares how publishing her first book put her on the path to working with entrepreneurs as an author and book coach.

Visit www.ruthlsnyder.com to learn more about Ruth or book a consult to connect with her directly.


Christine Gautreaux, MSW – Author, Coach, Speaker, Podcaster: Stillpoint

photo of Christine Gautreaux

photo from Christine Gautreaux’s website

Christine Gautreaux, MSW is a speaker, coach, podcaster, and author of the book, STILLPOINT which is a self care playbook for caregivers to find ease, time to breathe, and reclaim joy.

On today’s episode of the Walk Talk Challenge we learn more about the critcal importance of care givers taking the time to take care of themselves in order for them to sustain their caregiving and advocacy missions.

“People that take care of themselves can sustain their activism and their work in the world.”

Learn more about Christine’s book, coaching, and mission to support care-givers at https://christinegautreaux.com

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Walk Talk Challenge episodes are live audio conversations with women entrepreneurs recorded on mobile phones while walking. Listeners can expect to hear background sounds from birds to cars and anything else normally heard while walking outside.

Debra Eckerling – Author, Speaker, Coach: Your Goal Guide & The DEB Method

photo of Debra Eckerling

photo of Debra Eckerling from www.thedebmethod.com

Debra Eckerling – Author of Your Goal Guide shares what inspired her to create The D⭐E⭐B Method: Goal Setting Simplified.

In this episode of the Walk Talk Challenge, Debra dives into the power of The D*E*B Method. To get what you want you must first:

Determine Your Mission

Explore Your Options

Brainstorm Your Path

Learn more about The D*E*B Method and connect with Debra Eckerling at www.thedebmethod.com

“You want something more for your life? Here’s the instruction manual. Here’s DEB in your pocket.”

Time Codes:

:30 Introduction

1:45 History of where Debra developed her goal focused career

3:24 Surprises along the goal journey

6:24 Debra as the guide

8:32 Goaltopia

8:59 Get connected with Debra Eckerling

Walk Talk Challenge episodes are live audio conversations with women entrepreneurs recorded on mobile phones while walking. Listeners can expect to hear background sounds from birds to cars and anything else normally heard while walking outiside.

Nita Sweeney – Award-Winning Author, Runner, and Meditator

photo of Nita Sweeney

photo from www.nitasweeney.com

Nita Sweeney is an award-winning author, runner, and meditator who champions movement as part of a regimen for mental and physical wellness. Naturally this was a great fit for the Walk Talk Challenge which invites women entrepreneurs to talk about their goals and challenges while walking.

One of the things I often say is, “Remember, depression hates a moving target. Can you just get out of bed…”

In this episode Nita shares the driving factor behind her running, writing, meditation, and advocacy. She also encourages our listeners and members of her Mind, Move, Movement group to incorporate movement (of any kind) into their day. From writing, meditation, and exercise to getting out of bed, making a meal and more. Learn more about Nita and stay connected with her on Twitter.

Time Codes:

1:15 Inspiration to run

8:30 How Depression Hates A Moving Target began

13:37 Whats on the horizon

19:29 The power of a supportive community

24:28 Connect with Nita Sweeney

The Walk Talk Challenge sessions are live audio conversations with women entrepreneurs about their goals and challenges recorded while walking.


Due to tech gremlins, this podcast episode was recorded twice. Once outside while Nita was walking in the ravine near her neighborhood and Jennifer was walking around her house due to extreme levels of tree pollen. The second recording was done inside on our computers and is the released episode. Needless to say we did not let tech gremlins stop us. When there is a message and mission as powerful as this one, we will do whatever it takes to make sure it is available for the everyone to hear far and wide. A big THANK YOU to Nita for her flexibility and willingness to give recording this podcast episode one more try.