Debra Eckerling – Author, Speaker, Coach: Your Goal Guide & The DEB Method

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Debra Eckerling – Author of Your Goal Guide shares what inspired her to create The D⭐E⭐B Method: Goal Setting Simplified.

In this episode of the Walk Talk Challenge, Debra dives into the power of The D*E*B Method. To get what you want you must first:

Determine Your Mission

Explore Your Options

Brainstorm Your Path

Learn more about The D*E*B Method and connect with Debra Eckerling at

“You want something more for your life? Here’s the instruction manual. Here’s DEB in your pocket.”

Time Codes:

:30 Introduction

1:45 History of where Debra developed her goal focused career

3:24 Surprises along the goal journey

6:24 Debra as the guide

8:32 Goaltopia

8:59 Get connected with Debra Eckerling

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