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photo of Ruth L. Snyder

Ruth L. Snyder: Author and Book Coach

photo of Ruth L. Snyder

photo from www.RuthLSnyder.com website

Ruth L. Snyder is an Author, Book Coach, and International Speaker who works with entrepreneurs to get their books written, published, and read.  She is also the host of “HOW TO BUILD GLOBAL COMMUNITIES IN 2022” on Twitter Spaces.

On this episode of the Walk Talk Challenge, Ruth shares how publishing her first book put her on the path to working with entrepreneurs as an author and book coach.

Visit www.ruthlsnyder.com to learn more about Ruth or book a consult to connect with her directly.


photo of Laura Mendez from Coaching Spirits Facebook Page

Laura Mendez – Coaching Spirits

photo of Laura Mendez from Coaching Spirits Facebook Page

photo of Laura Mendez from CoachingSpirits Facebook page

Laura Mendez shares what inspired her to become a coach offering guidance and hope to victims of domestic violence. Learn more about her journey from victim to coach and advocate supporting domestic violence survivors on her podcast: The CoachingSpirits Podcast Unmasking Domestic Violence

Time Codes:
00:18 What is CoachingSpirits?
1:08 The CoachingSpirits mission
2:03 What victims of domestic violence need to know
3:46 Words of Wisdom
4:49 Get connected to learn more about the mission of CoachingSpirits
Get connected, follow, and support Laura in her mission to be a light in the darkness of domestic violence:

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