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Cynthia Phelps – Founder of Inner Ally

photo of Cynthia Phelps

photo from www.innerally.com

Cynthia Phelps – Founder of Inner Ally joins us for the #WalkTalkChallenge. Inner Ally is a personal gateway to creating a better relationship with yourself. From coaching, courses, workshops, a mobile app, and more the mission behind Inner Ally is to be kinder and more compassionate to your inner self. In essence to become you own ally. Research shows that supportive self-talk is the foundation of resilience and wellbeing.

Our emotional needs are the same thing as needing water, needing food or needing shelter. They’re very core to thriving as a human being.

:45 The vision and mission behind Inner Ally

2:24 The power of the inner voice

5:36 Uncovering the inner critique and the toll it takes on our well-being

10:37 Words of Wisdom

To begin your journey towards a compassionate mindset and life visit www.InnerAlly.com. Learn more about upcoming workshops and coaching sessions mentioned in this interview: Coaching | Workshops

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The Walk Talk Challenge sessions are 30 Live Audio Conversations with Women Entrepreneurs about their goals and challenges.


This podcast episode was recorded three different times (two outside and the third and final time at our desks) due to tech gremlins. We persevered and are pleased to present the powerful message of self-compassion with Cynthia Phelps of Inner Ally.