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photo of Alicia Meneses Maples

Alicia Meneses Maples: Sales Breakthrough Coach

photo of Alicia Meneses Maples

photo of Alicia from https://brilliantsmb.com

On this episode of the Walk Talk Challenge, Alicia Meneses Maples – Sales Breakthrough Coach to Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Business Owners shares a few mindset strategies for sales and business success.

• When to call Alicia for Sales Breakthrough Coaching 1:34

• Keys to knowing your ideal client 4:40

• How Alicia works with clients 11:17

• Words of Wisdom 14:09

Discover more about Alicia and her coaching services  as well as the Brilliant Sales Secrets group. Description below:

You are a rock star at *what* you do, but IF you closed more sales, clients and contracts, everything would change. Welcome to the Brilliant Sales Secrets community where Alicia Meneses Maples inspires, teaches and mentors small business owners and their sales teams to sell without the sleaze or skeeze. So roll up your sleeves, invite your friends and let’s get to changing your life!

— This session was recorded through Clubhouse as Alicia walked around her home in South Texas and Jennifer walked around her neighborhood in San Antonio, TX.

photo of Jennifer Navarrete

Introduction to the Walk Talk Challenge Ep 1

photo of Jennifer Navarrete

photo of Jennifer from www.jennifernavarrete.com

Jennifer Navarrete kicks off the #WalkTalkChallenge with a walk around her neighborhood as she shares the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of the challenge.

Join her each day during the month of April for 30 Days of Live Audio Conversations with Women Entrepreneurs.