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Graciela Moore – ICF Certified Transcendental Hope Coach

photo of Graciela Moore from her Instagram profile

photo of Graciela Moore from her Instagram profile (click photo)

Graciela Moore is an ICF Certified Transcendental Hope Coach, Real Estate Agent, and has been an entrepreneur since she was a child. In this episode of the Walk Talk Challenge we look at those roots of entrepreneurship and how coaching real estate clients led her to invest in becoming a Hope Coach.

To connect with Graciela Moore follow her on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoMCoaching
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/songofmyself.ig

Visit https://somcoaching.com to learn more about Graciela and her ICF Certified Transcendental Hope Coaching.

The Walk Talk Challenge sessions, hosted by Jennifer Navarrete, are live audio conversations  with women entrepreneurs about their goals and challenges recorded while walking. To learn more about the Walk Talk Challenge visit www.walktalkchallenge.com


NOTE: Due to tech gremlins, this podcast episode was recorded twice. Once outside while Graciela was walking around her house and backyard and Jennifer was walking around her neighborhood. The second recording was done inside on our computers and is the released episode. A big THANK YOU to Graciela for her flexibility and willingness to give recording this podcast episode another try.